Virtualmin Pro and Default Site

26 Mar

I decided to use Virtualmin Pro on my server in an attempt to streamline a lot of the aspects of managing a server mainly in an attempt to free me up to do other things. And after a weekend of on again off again working I’ve managed to come to a setup that I’m pleased with. Virtualmin Pro is pretty nice and the price is definitely reasonable. I recommend it if you don’t have the time or desire to manage a lot of minutiae about your server (although you still have to have a lot of knowledge).

The one note I wanted to make was that my initial attempts to get started were all foiled. It mainly revolved around using this domain ( as the servers FQDN and the trying to use the default apache site as that domain’s site. Instead I should have just created a virtual host to match that and disabled the default. In the end that’s what I did but I also used a separate sub-domain for the FQDN for the server while setting up Virtualmin. That extra step was probably unnecessary. But in the end I have sites and they have SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. Excellent.

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